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About Barbara Tibbitts

My name is Barbara Tibbitts and I’d like to assist you in accomplishing all of your Real Estate objectives. Whether buying or selling I understand the process can often be challenging and complicated. I focus on taking the pressure off of you while working with you to achieve your ultimate goals. I will use my passion and expertise to make a successful sale happen for you.
While focusing on creative high-tech techniques to market your property for maximum exposure or to find your dream home, or using skilled negotiating strategies to achieve results, it is my duty to represent you to the best of my abilities and with your best interests at heart. I will provide outstanding client service, excellent communication and personal touches, giving you the peace of mind that comes with unparalleled professionalism and high ethical standards.
I am a product of Northeast Ohio and have considerable knowledge of the area. After a successful and rewarding career in education I am now ready for a new and exciting challenge in Real Estate. Being part of a family of Real Estate professionals, I have always been drawn to the field and finally have the opportunity to devote my time to serving as your Real Estate advocate.
Do you have a question about a location I can answer? Do you want to get started on your search today? Give me a call and together we can start making your dream a reality.